Forget Our Useless Receiver

by Friends of Cesar Romero



released October 29, 2013

recorded at Black Mold Ranch by Lackie Blahless

© 2013 Fluorescent Brown Publishing (BMI)



all rights reserved


Friends of Cesar Romero Rapid City, South Dakota

Tape hiss aficionados.

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Track Name: Invisible Self-Portrait
don't be surprised if i wear your disguise
i'm in too deep to have alibis
collecting worry with no regret
with all your guilt i'm your debt

the swarm of the bees you call lies
will kill all your senseless pride
maybe now we can compose ourselves
returning us back to our hells
Track Name: Blondest Memories
sister sister can you spare a dime?
i got a feeling something ain't right
my baby left an hour ago
where she's gone- i don't even know
i don't mind

mother mother told me some news
she always said there'd be girls like you
the first cut is deepest they say
i'm pretty sure she lost her blade
i don't mind

i know one thing's for sure
your money's on the dresser drawer
now find yourself the nearest door
i don't lie

girlie girlie change of plans
you can keep all your demands
i don't suppose you'd keep the ring
and all the bad luck it'll bring?
i don't mind
Track Name: Speak To Me In Trimesters
speak to me in trimesters
multiply your tongue of threes
avalanche of upcoming upsets
devastate capitol

trinity grains of someday
find you in your best of moods
summer girls are waiting for us
happy to oblige us too

speak to me in trimesters
i could never crack the code
harmony suit of grace
careful to not erode

it's only after that i've left
that you would want me now
Track Name: Girls In Prism
don’t take the night when you go
you’re dressed up to kill them slow
bless the freedom of missing chains
the single status that course through your veins

lipstick and a broken compact
you’d be surprised at what you can attract
backbeat to the non-believer
forget our useless receiver

girls in prism
you’re not that ordinary
all that i'm missing
is someone to blame

when your makeup's off
you're still trapped in your own guilt
Track Name: Baby Razorblade
try not to look so good when you hit town
i'll do my best to keep both of my feet on the ground
one glance could fuck me up, i won't pretend
i heard your name and my whole world just came to an end

just when i think i'm over you
here you come with somebody new

baby razorblade
cut out the heart you made
baby razorblade
sever my heartstrings and just set me free

i don't mind you spending time with other guys
just remember not listen to their lies
i'm the one who's suppose to take you home at night
can you tell me honestly- does it feel right?
Track Name: Partners In Crimson
no one knows you like the kiss of the night
a first response to everything in sight
to them you're just an easy call
a midnight girl, a chainless ball

partners in crimson- who is next in line?
aid and abet the double life that you hide
tonight you better think about waving the fee

you seem to have everything i want
i seem to have nothing you got
it's best if i don't know the rules
the parking lots, the empty pools

dusk takes you where the action is
dawn helps you stumble home
red in the face then sleep all day
now everybody knows
Track Name: A Summer Full of Holes
bring forth the troublemaker again
cinema pleats into backwashed friends
blank cassette captive of June
a lilac whispers an unusual tune

a summer full of holes
a suitcase of unwashed clothes
a summer full of holes
a new girl nobody knows

first day of Cancer, July bride
you're all the fireworks I need tonight
lackluster prince be home by three
the speaker sings 'Out Of Our Tree'

you said you'd write me all year
is this the end my dear?
you promised to never leave here