I + IV + V

by Friends of Cesar Romero



A Betty of Lovely’s- a group of attractive females.
Action High School- where all the bad asses went to high school.
Bobby Zimmerman's Scripture- Bob Dylan’s lyrics.
Buzz Bin- MTV’s video showcase for the next big thing.
Car Stares- a false apparition of your ex’s vehicle.
Cruel Fidelity- songs that remind you about your ex.
Denim Lunch Bags- those girls from your high school, but like now.
Eastbound Pedigree- a person from wealth.
Eight to Five Man- a boring dude at a his job.
Exclusively Unfaithful Impractical Dreamer- emotionally unrealistic while seeing someone or others.
Freedom Cruise- to drink and drive, see: GBV.
Homesick Angel- an aviation term used to describe ascension.
Judas Make Out- that last make out before it’s over.
Marginal Ass Shaker- someone who is trying to impress you but failing.
Middle Eight- the new melody of a song going in a slightly different direction.
Online Witchcraft- any type of social media.
Post Meridiem Pinups- alt chicks who usually work at night.
Type Two Tape- a better frequency response tape using chromium dioxide particles.
Varispeed- a tape-based effect to speed up or slow down on a recorder.
Weekend Phantom- your lover before it goes public.
Whip- an automobile, duh.
Windmill Verses- open chords played in the verse of a song, like Pete Townshend.


released January 7, 2017

All songs © 2017 Fluorescent Brown Publishing (BMI)
℗ 2017 Doomed Babe. All Rights Reserved.

"Recorded" by "Mr. Join Hell" at the "legendary" Glengarry Glenrosa in the sunny burning inferno some call "Phoenix, AZ" January 2017.



all rights reserved


Friends of Cesar Romero Rapid City, South Dakota

Tape hiss aficionados.

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Track Name: Strumpet Sounds
Bang bang you shoot me dead
The spiral sends the lethal lead
One two I hit the floor
I’m out cold and I want some more

I gotta know if you’ll be my girl
I gotta know if you’ll be my girl

Saw you across the room
My cover’s blown like a sonic boom
Now now you're finding me out
I’m all yours but there was no doubt

Strumpet sounds
We will engage
It knows no bounds
We must obey
Track Name: Divided By Psycho
Your voice is haunting my head
It’s so loud it could wake the dead

Divided by psycho
Come get it
Divided by psycho
Forget it
Divided by psycho
Don’t sweat it
Multiply and I’ll explode

What will it take to rid you now?
Exercise this demon child

Who took those crazed notions to bed?
Were there more options instead?
Unfazed quotients left unsaid
And now there’s nothing left to lose
Track Name: Exclusively Unfaithful Impractical Dreamer
What is it about you that blows my mind?
What is about you that makes me sigh?
I keep racking my brain
Driving myself insane
Wondering if you feel the same

What is it about you that I’m obsessed?
What is it about you that I confessed?
I keep racking my brain
Find myself in disdain
Wondering if you feel the same

Another lover oh yeah
Like angels hover oh yeah
And now you’re gone again
My heart it must suspend oh yeah

What is it about you that I adore?
What is it about you I can’t ignore?
I keep racking my brain
Tell myself it’s all in vain
Wondering if you feel the same
Track Name: Not Quite Weekend Phantoms
Hey little girl tell me where you've been?
I don’t know how much my heart can extend
But we’re not quite weekend phantoms

Hey little girl who’s been kissin’ you?
The word is out that you’re seein' someone new
But you’re not quite weekend phantoms

You got me walkin’ the floor
You have my achin' for more
No one to hold on sleepless nights
Oh tell me how I go to make things right?

Hey little girl two can play this game
I know my type and she’ll look about the same
But she’s not quite a weekend phantom
But she’s not quite a weekend phantom
No we’re not quite weekend phantoms
Yes we’ll soon be weekend phantoms