Revolution No. Ø

by Friends of Cesar Romero



released February 14, 2017

All songs © 2017 Fluorescent Brown Publishing (BMI)
℗ 2017 Doomed Babe. All Rights Reserved.
Except track 3 by David Copeland.

Cover art by Trevor Leo



all rights reserved


Friends of Cesar Romero Rapid City, South Dakota

Tape hiss aficionados.

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Track Name: Another Year In Vapid City
You fill my mind with useless facts
Come by later and we’ll share some snacks
Gossip while you sharpen your claws
Fix your hair before we break some laws

Write letters, wrong numbers
We’ll try and try again
Write letters, wrong numbers
It’s you I want to contend

It’s not the same as it used to be
Living out quitter’s fantasy
You’re the mistress for the leading man
Keep them quiet as long as you can

My heart was on trial
When I went into exile
A lake, a tower, a pier
I still pretend that you’re still here

On a bus, a train or a boat
Like a note tucked in your coat
I wrote myself into this tragedy
It’s not the way it’s suppose to be
Track Name: Revolution Number None
Don’t give me those consolation eyes
I’ve seen them cry before
In a way there’s something to your lies
That makes me want you more

Summoned by those same old chords
Oh for crying out lords

Revolution, revolution, revolution number none

Twist and shout or count me out
In my life if I needed someone
You’d be there like a true devout
Happiness is a stolen gun

Loaded with your 45’s
You’re making tapes for future wives
Splice your mix with sharpened knives
No one said you’d change their lives
Track Name: '98 Comeback
I may be out of my mind
Trying to be happy this time
I tend to notice a trend
Destination failure again and again

Was she a friend?
No, not dearly
Were you in love?
No, not nearly

Let’s not get any ideas
Come on, who we trying to kid
We’re too young to play this game
Doesn’t mean I don’t want to play, I just can’t stay
Track Name: Lose My Shit
If I could I would
But I can’t so I don’t
When I hide I stay hid
If I cried it wouldn’t show

I don’t know what’s going on
Every time I hear that song
I lose my shit over you

I fear the worst when I’m out
Even though you’re not around
Lonely hearts singles club
Until I find a different sub

Dodging speakers in a game of tag
Another breakdown another crying jag