Vanishing Verses

by Friends of Cesar Romero



released August 4, 2017

All songs © 2017 Fluorescent Brown Publishing (BMI)
except track 1 written by Doug Two Bulls © E-Coma Nasty Music (ASCAP)

Recorded by Mister Pop



all rights reserved


Friends of Cesar Romero Rapid City, South Dakota

Tape hiss aficionados.

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Track Name: Rock N Rock Station
Beat up cars, American flags, 1984
We were looking for our heroes on the rock n roll station

You and I we danced all night to the bands we know
There were drums and guitars on the rock n roll station

I hear masturbation’s got you down
We put the blame on our hometown
I just want out the this American isolation

Here and now there’s got to be something more than this
There was laughter in the night on the rock n roll station

Beat up cars, American flags, 1984
We were looking for our heroes on the rock n roll station
Track Name: East Tallent Girls
East Tallent Girls
You take my breath away
Summer’s here, the weekend’s near
Will you show me how you play?

Cause I’ve never come across the likes of your type before
I thought I’ve seen them all from the borders to the shores

East Tallent Girls
Lay those baby’s to rest
The night is fine and you’re all mine
Is there any other boy to contest?

East Tallent Girls
For you I’ll always swoon
Misunderstood in our neighborhood
Born under the neon moon

(RIP Fuck City)
Track Name: Bittersweet Jane
There was a time when I used to think
You were my “Pretty In Pink"
Daydream about you in my head
Listen to Ramones on my bed

Thought for awhile you were coming back
But now I know the deck was stacked
All these questions- can't answer them?
I bring you flowers you break the stem

Can't be friends
Can’t be enemies
Can’t let you take another piece of me

Bittersweet Jane
I’ll do my best just to refrain
From all the pain
We both can’t share all the blame

There was a lot of drinks and drugs
But now as trite when the shoulder shrugs
Dead end girl stealing someone's cool
Trying too hard to overrule

Thought for a bit it could’ve work out
You sowed our time with seeds of doubt
Your loneliness makes you a bit dull
Careful babe, you’re bound to fall

Would be friends
Would be enemies
Would be another fading memory
Track Name: Southside Whiskey Tango
I'll forgive your misbehaving
In the state with no daylight saving
You'll meet someone and you'll be a bride
But for now you can cast me aside

Southside Whiskey Tango
Now I know your angle
Southside Whiskey Tango

It’s easier to become distant
When the other is so resistant
As for you, your eyes will wander
You don’t get better you just get blonder