Varispeed Investors Inc

by Friends of Cesar Romero



released November 24, 2015

All songs © 2015 Fluorescent Brown Publishing (BMI)
except where noted.

Track 5 and 12, 2015 David Copeland (BMI)
Track 9, 1994 Flame On Music / BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC
Track 13, 1994 Green Daze Music, W.B.M. Music Corp.

All tracks previously unreleased.

J. Waylon - all instruments except...
Austin Cecil - drums on tracks 1 and 3
Zach Hollander - bass on tracks 1 and 3
Miyo One Arrow - drums on track 13

Tracks 1-3
Recorded at The Pearl, Minneapolis MN
by Zach Hollander 8/30-9/1, 2015.

Tracks 4 and 5
Recorded for the FOCR/Wild Drugs split E.P. but never used.
Recorded at Apt 301, Point Richmond CA
by Charles Junior 1/5/2015

Track 6
Recorded after the release of 'Return To Zero' for a compilation that never came out.
recorded in Rocco Diseasio basement, Westside RC, SD
by Rocco Diseasio 12/20/2011

Track 7
Recorded for the 'Ones On The Way' session,
March 2012 at The Pride on 59th by Jaguar Jones

Tracks 8
Recorded during the 'Cinco Seis' sessions, but not used.
Previously Unreleased.
Recorded at Slum of Stone, RC, SD
by Senator Overdrive 2/12/2014

Tracks 9-13
Recorded at Bad Art Press, Rapid City SD
by Johnny GoGo 10/25-10/27 2015



all rights reserved


Friends of Cesar Romero Rapid City, South Dakota

Tape hiss aficionados.

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Track Name: Estocada (12:34)
Heard you're with someone new right now
I hope you're happier with him somehow

It breaks my heart again

Can't seem to forget the day you were mine
Cloudy skies and sun won't shine

It breaks my heart again

If you ever change your mind
Call me baby anytime
Track Name: He's A Capricorn, She's A Cancer
Come on baby
Come on back again
I don't think you know what you're missing
Sparkle like a brand new dime
Try my love one more time

Took away your sweet kisses too soon
Shame on me for giving my heart to you
Sparkle like a brand new dime
Try my love one more time

Come on baby
Come on back again
(Come on back)
Track Name: Doing Various Harm
Can't believe things ended so bad
You were the best thing I had
Now you're gone I don't know what I'm going to do
Don't think I can make it without you

I still think about you now and again
I wonder when this heartache ever ends

Tears will come and go like all the boys you've fooled
Don't think I can make it without you
Track Name: Ex-Girlfriend's Guitar
Shake off those dreary moods
Be present when they count out the dudes
Flag down your risky whip
Hold your smoke when you shake your hips

You/I think you know me all too well

You never know quite who you are
Strumming ex-girlfriends guitar
Getting/Inching closer to sub par
Strumming ex-girlfriends guitar

Take off those new kid clothes
You're reaching up to hit new lows
The hen house is catching fire
Windmill verses through the wire

Should I know what you do
when I'm not there with you?
You say you're just good friends
but it's hard to tell with those eyes he sends
Track Name: (Someone Has To Be) Dazzler
Your fate tied to mine
Like damsels to the train track
Like my eyes to the big black
Manic panic and attack

We could spend a summer or two
Pumping quarters into bad dudes
Gotta know could it be you?

Someone's gotta be Dazzler

Phantoms chasing fat boys
Getting vapors, breaking new toys
Paint plastic at point blank
Death feather in the bank
Track Name: Cash My Paycheck For A Buck
Monday's a drag, don't wanna be a square
Tuesday knows that I don't even care
Wednesday means we're halfway there
Thursday feels like a big blank stare
Friday night you're loving me
Ohh, that's what I like
Track Name: Be My Little Maybe
Do you want my money?
Do you want my fame?
Do you want my babies?
Or my last name?

I can't help you anyway
I'm probably bound to go astray
I can't help you anyway
I don't know what else to say

You're only happy with a material life
And I'm about as stable as your Dad's cheating wife

And he'll be there when the sun goes down
An 8 to 5 man is always around
To take off your evening gown
(So take it off, girl)
Track Name: Don't Leave (Without Leaving What's Left of Me)
Girl, you mess me up
Just like a car crash
Just like a bad ass
When you said we were through

Don't leave without leaving what's left of me
Worst of all you got the best of me

Girl, you haunt my mind
Just like a bad hex
Just like a jealous ex
Like the one I'm going to be
Track Name: The Girl In Scorpio 70
The cover of
She wears venom wherever she goes
Five points in a circle
Take me where I wanna go
Where I go, nobody knows

That's what she said to me
The Girl in Scorpio 70

Put the pill on the girl
And fight fever all the time
Confuse karma with cancer
And tell me you'll be mine
Can a magnet erase my mind?