Zeppelin Three (or How I Spent My Bummer Vacation)

by Friends of Cesar Romero



released December 11, 2012

recorded at Black Mold Ranch in Box Elder, SD by hewhocannotrecord
October-November 2012 except track 10 recorded at Orphan Ears in Phoenix, AZ 8/28 & 8/30, 2012.

© 2012 Fluorescent Brown Publishing (BMI)



all rights reserved


Friends of Cesar Romero Rapid City, South Dakota

Tape hiss aficionados.

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Track Name: Wolf In Houndstooth
there's a wolf in houndstooth
blowing down my front door
and if i stay too long
she might try to take me to war

baby you got some nerve
you're going to get what you deserve

her beady little eyes
always peer deep into my soul
and if she had it her way
she might never let me go

Lolita fingers holding me down
under your threshold i'm tightly unwound
you press them all with the tip of your tongue
they don't know they're yours one by one
Track Name: Lion-Sized Frampton
am i that easy to forget?
it's time well spent
another lover in the books
so save those looks

you and i have said our goodbyes
so long, farewell, baby it's hell

you told me things would never change
i'm so deranged
how much more foolish could i be?
it's easy to see
Track Name: Car Stares
drove by your house, saw your car and thought about you
make, model and year, there must be a thousand, i swear

who are you when i'm not around?
these questions keep me bound

some other guy tells you things you want to hear
but when its time i'm the one who's always there

time is long and the days slip by
won't you help me make it through the night?
everywhere, i see you appear
but i know it's just my imagination
Track Name: Bluest Heart
i got the bluest heart around
since my baby left this town
she packed her things and said goodbye
she didn't leave no reason why
now i've got the bluest heart around

how could you leave me alone like this?
did you forget those sweet lips that you used to kiss?
oh i tried to drink you slowly off my mind
each ounce replacing every tear i cried

i'm keeping all your promises, i'll put them on a shelf
when you decide to come back they'll be for no one else
i thought we had a good thing i guess i spoke too soon
do you miss these arms of mine or did you find someone new?
Track Name: Amber Vistalite
on your mark, hold your cue
i see you glowing with an orange-ish hue
exposing light through the lens
the shutter blinks and time suspends

put me back together
the king's men know no better

cause i keep falling for you

strike a pose to bat a lash
quicker than a burning flash
soft focus each new frame
Kodachrome® is how i tame

(you keep stalling)
can't stand for falling for you
Track Name: Child of Wildfire
her hair is burning in the summer light
we fool around in the middle of the night
even though we know it's wrong

she tells me all my songs sound the same
rewrite "Surrender" or maybe "The Flame"
there's nothing in common that i see

child of wildfire, panties on the wire
lookout, someone just might try to take your place

freedom cruise through the tallest pines
the tops down but i still hear her whine
she making out to forget someone too

she tell me all about her new boyfriend
she tells me that i can't see her again
even though she calls me past two

child of wildfire, panties on the wire
lookout, someone just might try to take your place
child of wildfire, soundtrack for desire
lookout, someone just might try to steal your name

her bed is burning in the summer night
we fool around just to keep things tight
even though we know it won't last
Track Name: The Hold
i try to run, i try to hide
but these feelings won't subside
you've got such a hold on me
day to day, you cross my mind
everywhere it's you i find
you've got such a hold on me

i keep saying that someday
i'll break free from your charm
but when the night comes
i just fall right back into your arms

the little things that you do
only make me stay with you
you've got such a hold on me
what's the cost to set me free?
tell me now i'll pay the fee
you've got such a hold on me

release me, won't you let me go
so i can love again?

i'll beg, steal even borrow
just to see past tomorrow
you've got such a hold on me
you've got a strangle hold
don't want to let me go
Track Name: Teisco Telstar Stomp
can i shake my tail for you?
i may break a heart or two
i can steal a cats meow
i'd really like to show you how

if you want it nightly
i can times it by two
i invite you rightly
to tell me girl if you it's true
what they say about you

honeysuckle candy rose
let your body do what it knows
touch your toes and say my name
you don't have to be ashamed
Track Name: Combat December
i feel the cold taking over me
the days are short with no apology
you left me reeling aching and kneeling
gone are the days we spent in the sun
our love affair had only begun
i had such high hope where did our summer go?

combat december
june is just around the corner

sheets of white settle on the ground
covering where we'd hang around
no solstice visits no frozen kisses
you know i count each passing day
'til you arrive just after may
no don't forsake me please don't forget me
Track Name: I Don't Think I Was Meant To Fall In Love
i'm an opportunistic fleeting lover
i might tell you lies when we're undercover
i don't think i was ever meant to fall in love
i think cupid lost his bow or he had to go
he shot all his arrows, i don't know
i don't think i was ever meant to fall in love

could it be that i may not get there?
or could it be that i just don't care?
i don't think i was meant to fall in love

are you sure you want to get involved with me?
i could disappear before you count to three
i don't think i was ever meant to fall in love
i think cupid lost his bow or he had to go
he shot all his arrows, i don't know
i don't think i was ever meant to fall in love