Cinco Seis

by Friends of Cesar Romero



released July 29, 2014

recorded and mixed at Slum Of Stone by Senator Overdrive
except tracks 2, 14, 15, & 20 recorded at Black Mold Ranch
by Hondo Hurricane.

mastered at Wavemod

© 2014 Fluorescent Brown Publishing (BMI)

All songs by J. Waylon Miller except track 2 and 6 titles by Trevor Leo, words and music by J. Waylon, 'Miss' written by David J. Copeland published by BMI.

FOCR is/was:
Addington, Shane • Anderson, Jesse • Bentz, Kevin • Cecil, Austin • Fleming, Patrick • Gabba, Mikie • Germinaro, Anthony • Hollander, Zachary • Jensen, Nels • Kerr, Joseph • One Arrow, Miyo • Roemmich, Weston • Sigler, Alexander • Taylor, Mike • Two Bulls, Dug • Upsahl, Mike • Wiseman, Natali • Witlox, Anthony and YOU!

Suggested bass and treble positions: B +2 / T +5



all rights reserved


Friends of Cesar Romero Rapid City, South Dakota

Tape hiss aficionados.

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Track Name: Avon Nova
Things were best when you were mine
Eight ways to count to nine

Avon nova
Are we over?
Tell me now

I could never reach you
Satisfy or complete you
Track Name: Black Metal Beautician
Anything i ever make (i break down)
When the law is on the take (they shake down)
But i always get away (at sundown)
Hear the white girls say (come lay me down)

Trying to get home from the nineties
but i'm stuck in rank
All the homesick angels
got me to thank

Black metal beautician
Baby razor blade
Slashing all the boys with
all the promises you made
They call you trouble
Francine from another life
A bursting bubble
the idea of you as loving wife
Track Name: C Student
Neighbor girl put your best dress on
I'm a c student with a knack for blondes
Small town bum out tonight
It's terminal boredom trite

Can't wait to see you a little bit more
And after that twice before

Radio sings hits from decades past
Had a crush on you since science class
Makeout with me while you can
In your Neon or my Grand Am
Track Name: Do The Fatigue
1-2-3 Are you ready to go?
5-6-7 Are you in the know?
8-9-10 Let me show you how
Move your feet to the new "now sounds"

(Young adults with style cults)

Do you feel it?
You got that spirit
If it moves you
Let it ring through

1-2-3 Are you ready for more?
5-6-7 This isn't a chore
8-9-10 Let's do it again
You'll never need a new boyfriend
Track Name: Every Girl Is Secretly A Morticia
Down the part to a devilish grin of certain sin
A wicker chair and jet black hair to pull you in

Although you may not know
Every girl is secretly a Morticia

Every now and then i'm reminded why you're the greatest
It seems as though you never tire, my pale sadist

Behead a rose or two
Just to me coming back to you
But you keep running away
Every half an hour of every day
Track Name: Fight Or Flight Manual
Tensions rising slowly
Who will be standing only?
Like a head on collision highway
Can't see things yours or my way

Fight or flight now baby

Conflict fuels anger ignites
How can i be wrong when i am right?
Tempers flare and shouts resume
Can't escape the impending hand of doom
Track Name: Girl Out There
Girl out there lost in thought
Did you forget who's clothes I bought?
Girl out there wild at night
Is there more to you than impolite?

You don't love me like you used to
You don't miss me like you used to
That's ok i forgive you

Girl out there if I could
I'd close every bar that stood
Girl out there young and free
Are you really through with me?

I don't love you like i used to
I don't miss you like i used to
That's ok i forgive you
That's ok i forgotten you
That's ok i forgive you
Track Name: Hipshake Boogie
Every night you shake my bones
My heart feels like it's going to explode
I'll give it up, It's what i got
A little goes a long way when you know you'll never stop

Called your ma half past ten
I asked her where the fuck you've been
Don't give it up, is what she taught
A little goes along way when you know you'll never stop

Get home late, crawl in bed
The words you said burning in my head
Can't give it up, It's all i got
A little goes a long way when you know you'll never stop
Track Name: I've Met The Knife (Mega Impaler)
I feel you shaking but i wont stop now
We may be strangers that's all over now

Sworn to a demon's path
You know you'll never last
You hear the virgins sing
They tell you everything
I think I've gone and done it now

Fall under my spell with a breathy whisper
Seduce you gently like a new step sister
Track Name: Jumbo Jack Flash
From town to town and coast to coast
She said you're the boy i love the most
Find me later on a midnight tip
I'll show you things that'll make you flip

Don't speak when we're making out
Don't peek when we're making out
I get weak when we're making out
Making out on your couch

We're all looking for the same three things
Money, fun and a summer fling
It's hard to tell every night
Who wants love or who wants to fight

You got me dizzy butterflies out of control
The room is spinning you electrify my soul
Track Name: Kindly Ignore Bobby Zimmerman's Scripture
You'll never be impressed
This aching in my chest
You can't connect the dots
These notes turned into thoughts
But i don't mind
I'll sing it a thousand times
Maybe someday you'll hear

How could you be so bored?
I'm pleasantly ignored
Fortified in rust
And crumbling into dust
But i don't mind
I'll sing it a thousand times
Maybe somebody will hear
Track Name: Lasting Bitter Somethings
I told you once, i told you twice
But you don't want my advice
I told you once, i told you twice
Lose me girl now pay the price

Now that i'm leaving you don't want me to go
Beg for a second chance I suppose
All that i'm asking is girl just treat me right

So many questions to be asked
But you'd rather treat me bad
I told you once i told you twice
But you don't want my advice
Track Name: Miss
My sky filled with enemy zeroes
When I'm walking down the street
Somehow all I harmed were heroes
When I tally up my sheet

You had said
I couldn't hurt a broadside
But bullet holes
In a fly can never lie
Now that I'm on the other side

I only miss it when it hits me

You caught me combing my cross hairs
While looking at you
Emptied every chamber in the air
And the sky is falling soon
Track Name: Newly Appointed Camelback Breaker
Don't tell me now you forgot your vow
you made to see me through
Don't put your hand on the good book
and expect to hear the truth
So make the most of this so called life
and leave the rest behind
One simple joy and you found your ploy
plotting every inch you sow
Within us all there's a beckoning call
that chills us through and through
So don't you fret this is what you get
after the damage is done

I must confess I guess I'm still in love with you
Track Name: Of Frost's Cave (Pick Out The Jams, Motherfucker)
Star sign collision center
Single virgo repenter
Seeking worry free leo
I'll leave it up to fate
Mouth of frost's cave
Pick out the jams, motherfucker

Only to be never
Only to be never
Only to be never enough

Panic solo arctic
Menthol planet rustic
Maybe it's time I move on
Jade embers flashing
Civil twilight clashing
When did i become my boring self?

Why can't i find the strength inside of me
to overcome what fear denies me?
I'm sifting through the sands of heartache
to build a castle an ocean will overtake
Track Name: Peg (The Girl)
You got me right where you want me
Oh yes you do
You've been talking to him again
Now tell me the truth

Do you want to see me cry?
Were you ever really mine?
What am i going to do without you?
Track Name: Qualm Reader
I've got this feeling
Something's about to break
My stomach's turning
My eyes can't look away

There's no winning when i play your game
Compare to you honey i'm just too tame

But i won't run
Run after you

Maybe we could stay close
Maybe we could fall apart
It's your decision
Frayed ends of my heart

There's no winning when i play your game
Compare to you honey i'm just too tame

But i won't run
Run after you
Track Name: Reprimand Commander Suddenly Dies
Track Name: Swan Enemies
I know you're lonely now
Vulnerable in high amounts
Secretly mad at me
With public sympathy

Need I remind you
This is what you want
It's too late
What's done is done

Swan enemies

No good unpunished deed
All the while ignoring need
You don't know a good thing
Until it's leaving
Track Name: Tropic of Wendy's®
I get around like a bad hair cut
But somehow i can't keep my mouth shut

I'm never once in the same place
A rolling stone without a face
I never do it in good taste
Tongue tied and dastardly haste

I speak first then i think twice
Call me a hearse 'cause i found a new vice
Track Name: Under The Beehive
It's been so long since i've seen the light of day
This darkness alludes me and takes my joy away

Oh baby, yeah baby
Do you like what you see?
And maybe, just maybe
We could get along happily

So many times I've wondered how long could this last?
Now that i found you again my hopes become vast

And if i ever lose you gloom knocks at my door
I brace for stormy weather and my shoes will walk the floor

Oh baby, yeah baby
I'm finally free again
And maybe, just maybe
We could be more than friends
Oh baby, yeah baby
Do you like what you see?
And maybe, just maybe
We could get along happily
Track Name: Vatican Blue Belts
I'm hardly a compass
For moral ruckus
Dead on Vespa
More shocked than Tesla

Vatican blue belts
I'm counting all my welts
Vatican blue belts
I'm hard pressed to tell
But you never know

I could have been a contender
The chances were slender
Wasted on worry
Never was in a hurry
Track Name: Wedding To Penny
Wedding to penny
I've finally got her now
Forever after, the solemn vow

Take time to know her
Or take things slower
They said

Everything's ready
Something borrowed and blue
Still going steady. we're not quite through

Wedding to penny
The bell peals no more
Some last forever, ours less than four

Hands on the good book
Do you want a last look?
Track Name: Xanthic Aries In Peril
Xanthic aries in peril and on the run
Why won't you settle down and let this all be done
What have you got to prove, you've echoed this before
Xanthic aries i'm not like you anymore

The outstretched arms will reach you
Don't let another day defeat you
You're always looking for a soft place to fall

Somehow i can feel all of your disdain
What you do will matter but probably not today
Xanthic aries we know opposites will fly
When you triumph you'll make all your ex's cry

You've found yourself before the middle eight
You've lost the bout before you're middle aged
Track Name: Yr Two Hearts
Has he seen yr two hearts?
Does he know they come apart?
One belongs to me
And the other wants to be free
Sooner or later you're going to have to choose
Track Name: Zodiac Well Wishers Club
Transistor sister you're wrong
I should have known this all along
Crimson and clover to cry on my shoulder
Never thought you'd be the one to leave
Find yourself searching in vain
Who's really one to blame
Crimson and clover to cry on my shoulder
Never thought you'd be the one to leave