released June 12, 2012

recorded on Twon's bitch-ass cassette four track
at the Pride On 59th by Baby Chico and Def Cobra
May 2012

© 2012 Fluorescent Brown Publishing (BMI)
except* by David Copeland (BMI)
Mike Upsahl appears courtesy of High Horse



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Bad British Thumb*
British thumb around the neck
With carpal tunnel you connect
The new yardbirds who showed you how
With foreknowledge they would allow

Bad British Thumb
One beatless drum
Bad British Thumb
See what you’ve done now

Family photos of rolling rocks
A few ashtrays you kept well stocked
Your aunts and sisters scare away
The white witches who came to play

You know the sun will never set
On empires we erect
Track Name: Starboard Soldiers
Lonely bless the misery
Kiss me when I’m near your cheek
Starboard soldiers ride for free
Prouder than your missing teeth

Hangovers heighten
In small towns we arrive
Sip after sip we survive

Never mind the things we’ve lost
We’ll buy them back and pay the cost
Smitten sisters make eyes crossed
More glimmer than a winter frost

Do you watch over the ones gone before?
On roads less than traveled we’re anxious to explore
Underneath my feet white lines pass me by
If you’re here when I come back then you’re mine
Track Name: Tiger Ladybug
Green pack cigarettes
Does she have regret?
Trying to make a move
No one disapproved
From a no name town
Of a smaller town

She keeps all the gifts he bought her
A jaded conductor’s daughter
We’re footnotes on her blotter now

She was a tiger ladybug
And he was her drug

Blue girl on his wall
A time that saved us all
Bright lights called her name
Destined to find her fame
Eastbound pedigree
Doesn’t make sense to me
Track Name: Lichtenstein Tryouts
Tell me what you want
And anything can happen
Find me in awhile
Or when the sky is blackened

I’ll make you want it bad
Succumbing to surrender
Like none you ever had
Make me your new contender

I know you want to dance
I know you want to fight
I know you want to stay out all night
I know you got a man
Can he do what I can?
But no one really needs to know

Steady as she goes
Hang on to my number
Tingle in your toes
Feel my sassy thunder
Track Name: Katie Rose Will Have Her Revenge On Phoenix
Another high-heeled hell
Some secrets we can’t tell
They promised you the screen
They made you millions in mean

Stay out of my life
Stay out of my life
Stay out of my life
You’ve been there way too long

You poured them stiff and long
My boredom makes you strong
Give back my parts of speech
We never learn what we teach
Track Name: On The Floor (Bam Bam's Theme)
When I’m cornered I’m always staring at your face
You wanted something but you don’t know what’s for free
When I’m waiting you never know what to say
When I haunt you, you never know when to break

On the floor you wanted more
Why did you leave?

And when I’m with you, you know they all disapprove
And when I’m knocked down you never know what’s the truth
And when I’m waiting, I never know what to say
And when I’m cornered you always look the other way