Give Them Only Carefully Selected Garbage

by Friends of Cesar Romero



released July 7, 2017

All songs © 2017 Fluorescent Brown Publishing (BMI)

J. Waylon - all instruments, vocals.
Austin Cecil - drums on 1 and 5
Miyo One Arrow - back up vocals on 1
Zach Hollander - bass on 1

Recorded at The Pearl- MNPLS, MN and Black Mold Ranch- BE, SD
June 2017 by Zachary Hollander and Ratchet



all rights reserved


Friends of Cesar Romero Rapid City, South Dakota

Tape hiss aficionados.

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Track Name: Wolf In Houndstooth
There's a wolf in houndstooth
Blowing down my front door
And if I stay too long
She might try to take me to war

Baby you've got some nerve
You're going to get what you deserve

Her beady little eyes
Always peer deep into my soul
And if she had it her way
She might never let me go

Lolita fingers holding me down
Under your threshold I'm tightly unwound
You press them all with the tip of your tongue
They don't know they're yours one by one
Track Name: Starboard Soldiers
Lonely bless the misery
Kiss me when I’m near your cheek
Starboard soldiers ride for free
Prouder than your missing teeth

Hangovers heighten
In small towns we arrive
Sip after sip we survive

Never mind the things we’ve lost
We’ll buy them back and pay the cost
Smitten sisters make eyes crossed
More glimmer than a winter frost

Do you watch over the ones gone before?
On roads less than traveled we’re anxious to explore
Underneath my feet white lines pass me by
If you’re here when I come back then you’re mine
Track Name: Sad, Lonely, Wasted and Blue
How can I forget you?
All I do is regret you

They say love is a fleeting game
Afterwards I’m not the same
Chain smoke a million cigarettes
Pay back my heart's debt

Try to kill your memories
End up killing a part of me
Sad lonely wasted and blue
How I wish it wasn’t for you

I’ll feel much better
When I burn all your letters
Now that it’s over
You’ll find someone to use their shoulder
How did it come to this?
Promises sealed with a kiss
Daily reminders
Everywhere I turn I find her
Track Name: Tropic Of Whataburger®
Anything to waste your time
Any sin you call crime
Any heart you can't break
Any mind you can't take

Any thought that makes you numb
Any drug to make you dumb
Any jab to make you feel
Any punch to make you ill
Track Name: Whiskey Or God
Every time I stand, I fall
I’m outnumbered, I’ve counted
Memories still haunt my past
Can you tell I’m dying?

I can’t stand I’m crawling back to you

I can see the light ahead
There’s one behind me closing
Try to understand my side
I’m stuck inside this quicksand